Safe. Secure. The banking industry is stepping up security to stop financial crime. It means more checks to be sure they know who their customers are.

Working together we can keep criminals out of the financial system.

What can you do to protect yourself?



Dirty Money



Financial dishonesty comes in many forms, with a devastating global impact.


Graph showing impact of financial crime in US trillion each year compared to UK GDP



Security screening



Image showing how money gets laundered in 3 stages, deposit and camouflage of dirty money and return



Permission control



Image showing 16 billion of card fraud in 2014 compared to NASA’s 2014 budget of 18 billion




Smooth criminals



Advance fee fraud is when criminals trick you into making an upfront payment for something that never materialises.


Map image showing the total loss of fee fraud in US millions in 2013 by region



Phishing is when criminals pretend to be an individual or company you know and trick you into giving your personal information.


Image showing the number of phishing attacks globally in 2012, 2013 and 2014



Partners against crime



To keep criminals out of the financial system.

Always remember to...


Icons showing tips on how to protect yourself against fraud and financial crime



Read more tips on how to keep your personal information safe and secure.




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Supporting data
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