Bribery, fraud, tax evasion. The cost to businesses every year is huge.

1 in 3 businesses report experiencing financial crime of some sort. How likely is your business to fall victim?


The business fight against financial crime


Dirty money



Financial crimes cover a vast range of criminal activities that dishonestly transfer and protect wealth. And their global impact is devastating.


Global impact in US dollars and percentage of businesses affected by financial crime


Cost of financial crime to businesses infographic


Crime scene



1 in 3 businesses report experiencing financial crime in some form - but your chance of being hit can vary dramatically depending on where you are.


World map shows regions and percentage of businesses falling victim to financial crime in that area



Some industries also tend to be hit by financial crime more than others - unsurprisingly, financial services are the most vulnerable.


Bar graph showing the percentages of businesses that fall victim to financial crime by industry


Cost of financial crime to businesses infographic


Footing the bill



Businesses hit by financial crime are likely to suffer the following:


Percentages of financial loss, reputational damage, and penalties businesses suffer



Businesses that aren't hit still feel the wider effects that financial crime has on the economy.


Issues of transparency, distorted markets and stifled economic development


Cost of financial crime to businesses infographic


Partners in crime



Crimes like money laundering don't just damage businesses and financial markets - they also ensure other crimes pay.


Graph shows US billions of other criminal activity associated with financial crime like corruption



The comparative turnover of the 3 largest terrorist groups.


Three icons showing the first, second and third terrorist group turnovers in US billions


Cost of financial crime to businesses infographic


Off balance



Crimes like tax evasion, bribery and corruption widen global inequality by hitting poorest countries hardest.


Four graphs showing by region the percentage of all private wealth kept abroad to avoid taxes



This contributes to a cycle of poverty that causes 18 million people worldwide to die prematurely each year, more than double that of cancer.


Icons showing the number of deaths by millions for economic deprivation, cancer and road accidents


Cost of financial crime to businesses infographic


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