How does Safeguard make me safer?

By providing up to date information to us, you help us to protect you and society by keeping criminals out of the financial system.

Protecting our customers

We use a number of sophisticated systems to help keep your money safe. Some of these look at your transactions to try to spot the ones that don’t look ‘right’. For example, if a customer suddenly has numerous transfers to a country they’ve not dealt with before, this could be an indicator of some sort of crime or fraud. Or if we know where a small business customer typically buys and sells its products, it’ll help us to see transactions that might indicate the business is being used to launder money.

Our ability to spot these types of transactions relies on having up to date information about you and/or your business, so that we can recognise when things aren’t right. It also means that we can contact you when we have concerns.

Protecting society

International banks like ours face criminals who want to use the financial system to move their illegal profits around. Often these profits are from activities that cause huge harm to the societies in which we live.

We monitor around 650 million transactions every month, in order to keep criminals out. Finding suspicious transactions can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But by using technology, together with the information that we hold, we’re able to look across the millions of transactions to find potential evidence of suspicious transactions.

So, by providing us with information about you, you’ll be helping us to keep you safe and to protect society.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about financial crime.