What is HSBC Safeguard?

To stay one step ahead of criminals and fraudsters we are introducing HSBC Safeguard to help keep you and your money safe. To do this we need to make sure our records are complete and up-to-date, so that our systems and people can do their job of deterring and detecting criminal activity.


Personal Customers

If you're a personal banking customer we're likely to need 2 types of documents from you: to confirm your identity, and to confirm your address. Occasionally we may need more information than this. Watch this video to hear why.

Business Customers

If you're a business customer the documents we need will depend on the size and nature of your business. However we are likely to need to confirm your legal entity structure, your beneficial owners and countries you do business with. This video explains why.

The cost of financial crime to businesses

How do white collar and other financial crimes impact your business?


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